Tracy R.

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My name is Tracy Ramin, and I've been an amputee for just over 20 years now.

Pay attention to what other amputees are wearing. Learn from what you see other people use. A lot of that can be adapted to what you're doing.

The prosthetists are the best. They will come on Saturday or Sunday and do what I need; they will make a house visit. The big companies don't do that, so that's definitely a blessing.

[A few accomplishments that I'm proud of are that] I won a bunch of state golf tournaments. I placed high at the nationals. I just got elected to be the executive director of the national amputee golf association—the one in Michigan—and I've been working to get golf in the Paralympics for seven years now, so those are some of the accomplishments that I'm pretty proud of.

It's okay to ask questions, and people look all the time. Some people may get offended by it, but it's different. Even if I look in the mirror—it's been 20 years—it still looks different even though most of the time I don't even realize it and it's not a big deal, especially if I'm having great days.

And it's better than hopping. Definitely.

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