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To kick things off, we're going to talk about how your diet during the holiday season can effect how your prosthetic fits.

Then we'll open it up for you to ask questions about your prosthesis, learning to walk again, how to get active, or anything else!

Our friendly Certified Prosthetists & Orthotists, Abbey Senczyszyn and Cassi DePaulis are excited to meet you on Zoom and answer any questions that you have!

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Here's What's Possible with a Positive Mindset and a Good Prosthesis

Has Your Limb Loss Prevented You from Moving Forward in Life?

Are you scared of never being able to walk again?

Do you avoid wearing your prosthesis because it is painful?

Are you ready to go back to work and get out of your house?

You deserve to have a prosthesis that fits your personal goals and turns your desires into your reality.

Scott with Fraser at Bremer Prosthetics in Saginaw, MI
Nate Kapa with Amputee Patient, Jesse

Live Your Life Without Prosthetic Limitations With Specialized Care

Ensure that you will be able to do all of the things you loved to do before becoming an amputee with a prosthesis that is custom made to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you want to play with your children, hike your favorite trails, walk down the aisle at a wedding, or play golf, we can help. You deserve to be able to show up for all of your important life events—confidently & comfortably.

At Bremer Prosthetics, your success is ours. We want to make you as successful as you can be in your prosthesis and in your life when you step outside of our office.

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How Specialized Prosthetic Care Makes a Difference

Life's circumstances should not hold you back from living the quality of life you deserve.

You need a prosthetist who listens to your desires and works with you to create a plan that helps you grow toward where you want to be.

At Bremer Prosthetics, we have the tools, knowledge, and passion that's necessary to create your specialized prosthesis, so that you can live your life without limits.

Our Mission
Abbey with Amputee Patient

Steps to Building Your Custom Prosthesis


Contact Bremer Prosthetics to request your appointment.


Discover what you want out of your life and learn how your prosthesis will make that possible.


Come into our clinic where your specialized prosthesis will be built.

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