Meet Brian Bott, Certified Prosthetist

When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Prosthetist?

I have to say that one of my most rewarding moments was very early on in my career while I was job shadowing with Scott. 

One of the first people who we saw together was a woman who stood and walked for the first time after her amputation on a prosthetic limb we made. 

It took a great emotional toll on her. It was actually something I got pretty emotional about, myself, and it was probably the most rewarding moment because it really told me that this was the right career for me. 

What Does Bremer Prosthetics Do For Their Patients That Sets Them Apart?

One thing that I always tell somebody when they first come to see us is that we are going to do everything we can to make them as successful as they can be on their prosthesis. 

We are definitely not a facility or a group of facilities that limits what we will do to help you move forward and be better on your prosthesis and get everything that you can get out of it. 

What is Something Important a New Amputee Should Know?

I will say that if you're at another facility, and you feel like you're not getting the care that you need, you're not stuck there. 

You, as a patient, have the ability and are free to choose whoever you want to provide your care.

How Can a New Amputee Contact You? 

With that being said, you can reach out to us online at Hellner and Associates or by phone at (810)-220-3472.

Our Core Values

People First

When you come into our clinic, we understand that you are more than a patient, you are a person and deserve to be treated like one.

We are here for your medical milestones, and your personal ones.

Beyond Functional Level Treatment

The expectations of individuals and health care providers are set too low.

No matter what you want to do with your life, we'll figure out how to make a prosthesis that gets you there.

We're Stronger Together

You're only as strong as the people you surround yourself with.

We're always finding ways to bring amputees together to learn from each other's experiences and build each other up.