Tom B.

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I'm Tom Boelter. I had an amputation in 2016.

One thing I've learned is that people don't realize how precious life is when you've got all your limbs.

I had a revision surgery on my limb in January, and I didn't have the [prosthetic] leg for three months, and I was lost without it.

Once you have it and you're used to using it, you really enjoy it or love having your leg. You look forward to putting it on in the morning.

My relationship with Bremer, I can't believe. If you've got a problem and you call them, they'll get you in in a hurry. I respect them.

When I came to look for a prosthetic, I called Nate for a second opinion. So, I canceled the other appointment and came to Bremer instead.

I'm back to bicycling, and I'm back to hunting. I'm not back to fishing yet, but hopefully back this year maybe. I'm back to doing things outside and am back to my barn, going up and down to the basement again, and I can go in my garden again. I'm doing everything.

If you would like to try to get back to a normal life, I think you should try a prosthesis.

You've got to have a positive attitude about it. You can't come in with a negative attitude and think it's not going to help you, because then it's not going to help you.

If you want something to get back to normal life, try a prosthesis, and I think you'll love it.  

You'll really enjoy it and be glad you did do it. I thank Bremer for what they've done for me.

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