Dawn O.

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My name is Dawn Overmeyer, and my amputation was in 2013.

Oh goodness, I have learned that life might be a little bit harder, but it's taught me patience. It has taught me humility. It has shown me that you can get over major problems in your life.

Losing my leg was a teacher. It showed me that I can get back to my old life, and that I can do anything that I want to do.

All of them here at Bremer, they treat you like family. They listen, and listening isa big thing, because you can talk and talk and talk and talk, and the more thatI talk, all of a sudden he just knows what the problem is, and he can take care of it and make it better.

Most people who meet me do not know that I have a prosthetic. My accomplishment is that I walk and worked very hard to be able to walk without any help—no cane, nothing—and that you can't tell that I have a prosthetic.

I don't understand why anybody would not want to have that prosthetic and be free to do whatever they want to do—to drive, and just to get around.

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