Casey Q.

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I lost my leg in 2012 in an accident and I had several surgeries before making the difficult decision to amputate my leg.

There were many uncertainties with the surgeries which could have left me even worse off, so I decided my best option was to go with the amputation.

I went to the location which I had my surgeries for my prosthesis. From there I was attending Physical Therapy at Mid-Michigan Health in Midland which is where I learned about the free Step Up! Classes that were being offered at Mid-Michigan Health by Bremer Prosthetics.

While attending Step Up! I had met Scott and Jared and they were great right from the start. I had asked them many questions and from there decided I would give Bremer Prosthetics a try.

I received exceptional care at Bremer and a socket which is much more comfortable than what I previously had.

They custom fit and fabricate the prosthesis right on site to be sure it is as comfortable as possible. They are willing to go above and beyond and go out of their way if you need anything. Anyone I talk to with a prosthesis, I always tell them about Bremer and how great my experience has been.

I am now back to traveling, duck hunting, fishing, and working thanks to the help of Bremer Prosthetics.

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