#FinishTheRide with Ben Barefoot | Amputee Hit By Semi Truck Rides Again

When is the last time that you did something that scared you? For Ben Barefoot, it was July 15th, 2022.

Ben got back on his bicycle for the first time since he was hit by a semi truck riding to work in July 2014.

After two years of painful surgeries trying to salvage his leg, Ben made the decision to his leg. He believed amputation was the best chance he had to live without pain and get back to feeling normal.

Join Ben as he overcomes his fear and Finishes The Ride that he started back in 2014!---Now it's your turn!

What's something that you've been scared of doing that you're finally ready to do?Wether it's riding a bicycle, taking your first steps after an amputation, or going for a walk... We believe in your ability to live without limits!

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