Vernice D.

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In 2009, I was having many issues with my foot and the doctors weren’t able to determine the cause. As time went on, the infection got worse and I was then diagnosed with cellulitis, which is an infection under the skin.

In November 2011, I became a below the knee amputee. I was still having some issues with the infection, so they decided it was time to amputate my leg above the knee which took place in December 2011. 

I had known Scott prior to my amputation, as I was working at a CNA home health care, and I had many of my patients seeing Scott. I was highly impressed with his work and the way he treated the patients I was working with. 

I knew without a doubt that Bremer is where I would be going for my prosthetic leg. They have been wonderful to me since day one. They treat me like family and make me feel like I am at home. 

They truly care about my health and getting me back on my feet and working towards my goals. The team is incredibly supportive and understanding, which is key when going through such a terrible situation. 

They offer a wonderful program called Step Up, which is a great place to learn different activities on your prosthesis. They offer this program for free, and it is not only a great place to get active, but a wonderful support group! 

It brings together amputees to converse and talk about their situation and allows you to see people in all different stages of the prosthesis. I thank them for creating this program and treating me with respect and always going above and beyond for me. There is truly nowhere better to go than Bremer Prosthetics! 

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