Scott M.

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In 2011, I lost both of my legs below the knee. Before I ever left the hospital, I was paid a visit from Bremer. Little did I know, this visit would be the beginning of a phenomenal relationship between Bremer and myself. 

I can't say enough about the exceptional care they give and how I've never felt like just another patient. I am back to work and doing great, all thanks to the care they have given me. They are all such wonderful people, constantly adjusting their schedule to accommodate my needs.

When I first lost my legs, I never dreamed that the care I would get would help me return to work as a firefighter and paramedic. Today, that is my reality. 

I can say without any hesitation or doubt, that what they do makes ALL the difference, and I wouldn't be where I'm at today without them. Thank you, each and every one for the love, care and support you have given!

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