Rosalie E.

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My prayers were answered! I was so fearful and afraid when I was losing my leg on account of circulation. 

The staff at Bremer Prosthetics are by far the best people I have ever worked with. Scott’s personal experience as an amputee was very motivating to me, as I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. 

Even during the times I was feeling down and doubted whether I would ever walk again, Scott was there to continue to push me to reach my goals and gave me hope that I would be walking in no time. 

I always receive a very personal experience from the team at Bremer Prosthetics. Scott is very caring not only to his patients but to his family. 

I can’t thank the Bremer team enough for all of their support and how they continue to go above and beyond for me. I thank God for putting me in the hands of all of them there.

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