Rae P.

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My name is Rae Plumb, and it's been 14 years since my amputation.

[I've learned to] embrace every moment that I'm walking again. It's been a true blessing to be an amputee because life's lessons are what you make of it.

I've had several different prosthetists, but Brian at Bremer prosthetics has been probably the most efficient person that I've worked with.

[My biggest accomplishment is] being able to walk without pain in my left hip.

I encourage everybody that does not enjoy their prosthetic, amputation, or however you want to say it, that you should just keep trying and not give up.  

There's no two people that are the same, and if there's something wrong and it doesn't fit right, just go and tell your prosthetist.

Don't ever give up, in life—it's too short.

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