Mike W.

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In 2013 I got a sore on the bottom of my foot which caused an infection and eventually made my tibia go through the heel of my foot. 

I went to many appointments and the doctors were unable to get rid of the infection, so my next option was to amputate my leg, which took place in December of 2013. 

The next day the nurse introduced me to Scott and we got started. He came with a brace so we could start shrinking my residual limb, so I would be able to get my prosthesis. 

From that day, it started a great relationship and I could not be happier with the service I have received at Bremer.  They are very thorough with everything that they are doing, and they’re always willing to answer any questions. 

Everyone at Bremer is very honest when they say they will do something. They follow through, and they continually follow up to be sure everything is going well. 

I highly recommend Bremer Prosthetics to anyone in need of a limb. They are there from day one and stay with you through your journey.

Also, if anyone is unhappy with their current service somewhere else or having issues with their prosthesis, please do yourself a favor and check out Bremer Prosthetics. 

They will provide service and care like no one else. They specialize only in prosthetics and pride themselves on making quality products and providing excellent care for their patients.  

My only complaint is that Scott likes the Green Bay Packers. I always give him a hard time and joke around about his favorite team. Go Lions!!

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