Duane C.

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I had a 6 year struggle with diabetes which left me a below the knee amputee. My primary concern after the amputation was that I wanted to be able to walk again without being noticed. 

I can’t thank Bremer Prosthetics enough for all that they have done for me and continue to do for me. They were there from day one at the hospital and joined in at my doctor’s appointments following the procedure. 

They not only provide exceptional care but they continue to go above and beyond for me. Taking care of their patients is the first thing on their mind and they do everything they can to help get you to where you want to be.

I have been asked many times by other amputees where I go as they are impressed with how far I have come on my prosthesis, and I can say I definitely would not be where I am today without Bremer Prosthetics.  

I went to another prosthetic company prior to Bremer as I had lost just my foot first and the care I had received was nowhere close to the care I have received at Bremer. They are truly caring and compassionate about their patients and really have our best interest in mind.

After my amputation, I attended physical therapy for 10 weeks, the amount of time covered by my insurance plan. After that I thought I was done and quit attending therapy, as this can become very costly. 

From there, I had talked to Scott about a free Step Up Clinic that they offer to all lower limb amputees in the community, and it has helped tremendously.  

They have you do different balancing exercises, weight shifting activities, and sports to accommodate all levels of activities on your prosthesis. They volunteer to do these classes for free on their own time, which has been a huge help in reaching my goals to resume my active lifestyle. 

I enjoy shooting hoops with my grandchildren, boating up north, and working under the hood of my ’72 Chevelle. I would not be able to do all of these activities without the continued classes and support provided by the team at Bremer Prosthetics.

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