Donovan G.

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[Since my amputation I have learned] don't take your limbs for granted because without them, your mobility is altered.

These are great people. They do any and everything they can to keep you motivated, to keep your progress moving forward. Call them any time if something's going wrong and they'll get in that day or the next. 

They say that if it doesn't feel comfortable, then you won't want to wear it, and so they aim to keep you comfortable.

[The accomplishments that I'm most proud of since my amputation is] that I don't have self-pity, and that I'm able to walk again.

I didn't clam up and feel so bad that I lost my leg that I didn't want to talk anymore.I'm glad to be out of that wheelchair and mobile again.

Losing a leg changes everything. I used to go home and in 25 minutes I would be in the shower, out of the shower, and dressed.

To take a shower is now about an hour process because I have to take this leg off, put another leg on, go get everything and put it in one spot.  

Everything takes longer because it’s a prosthesis.

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